Happy and Healthy 2018!!

Hello Readers –

Thank you so much for tuning in to Heard. Healed. Honored in 2018 for more insight into women’s health experiences. We hope that this year is off to a great start for you!!

This project started during 2017 as a labor of love in an effort to share the power of supportive friendship and it’s impact on health since we’ve found it so beneficial in our lives. We plan to continue the women’s health storytelling and to grow in 2018 with a more regular publishing schedule for the blog posts, along with a podcast where you can benefit from hearing women’s voices discussing being heard, healed and honored and the stories of women’s health experiences

We’ll be piloting an online community and journaling project in the first half of 2018 as we have seen the benefit of sharing stories and the healing that can come from being in community and having that support. More to come on what that looks like.

We will be picking up Deb’s story over the next few days. The thread will begin to include the experiences and voices of other women Deb has interviewed to provide more clarity around the power of the endometriosis experience to shape and impact women’s lives.

2018 is a year of growth for Heard. Healed. Honored., and we’re glad you’re along for the stories and the community!!!

In happiness and health,

Deb and Liana


Author: Liana

Liana is one of the founders of Heard. Healed. Honored. https://www.heardhealedhonored.org/two-friends-heard-healed-honored/

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