We’re “On Hold” NOT Gone!

We know it’s been a LONG time since we posted, and it probably seems as though we’ve abandoned this project, but that is not so. We’ve had to step back for an incredibly good reason — Liana took on the challenge of running for State Representative of District 66 in Rhode Island!

Liana Cassar is RI District 66 State Representative!

As most campaigns are, the challenge of getting elected was incredibly demanding in time and energy, but we’re excited to say that it was a success! And now that Liana IS District 66’s State Representative, the demands on her time continue to be … well, demanding! She’s fighting the good fight for her community and for the women and families that live in it; and Deb is so proud of her!

We talk frequently and women’s health is still, and always, a favorite topic. We’re eager for when we can both give this project of capturing the stories of women’s health journeys, and how it impacts relationships, community, and finances our full attention. But for right now, Liana must focus on doing the job her community elected her to do. And Deb will continue to help business owners tell their stories and reach their people through her Message Artist business.

So, we’ll be back! Til then, we wish you good health.

Deb & Liana