About Heard. Healed. Honored.

Our Goal

To create a robust and beneficial conversation around women’s healthcare and through hearing and honoring women’s health journeys, discover how we can do healthcare BETTER for both the patients and the caregivers.

Our Vision

Heard. Healed. Honored. is improving women’s health journeys through the power of storytelling among friends, old and new, and will become a definitive and influential resource that impacts how health care policies, systems, and processes are approached.

Our Mission

People start to heal the moment they feel heard.Our Mission is to develop Heard. Healed. Honored. into a significant voice in the conversation about healthcare for women via blogging, speaking, and podcasting forums. To create and provide a sacred space for women to be wholly supported, heard, and honored as they share their health journeys, trials, and triumphs. Through the power of these shared stories, it’s our intention to empower women to …

  • make their own choices about their health
  • advocate for themselves
  • value their own experiences
  • engage in self-care, and
  • strengthen their supportive communities

… with the express purpose of working toward creating conversations that can improve how we all approach the questions and answers of healthcare and better understand how we see ourselves and our health.

Our Values

  1. Honoring Women’s Wisdom. We acknowledge that women’s knowledge about their experiences and health journeys has the power to transform themselves and others when those stories are shared.
  2. Prioritizing Women’s Health. We know healthy women are a critical resource in our families and societies that must be nurtured and valued as such.
  3. Healthy Open Dialogue. We place high value on the open, free exchange of thoughtful fact and experience-based ideas while providing a forum and a voice for those who have been denied the right to express themselves with regards to their health story.
  4. Listening. We will truly hear someone’s experience and receive information from others to be better informed and expand our world-view, and to help others do the same.
  5. Respect. We hold the dignity of others as sacred and honor their humanity.
  6. Compassion. We vow to consciously provide caring sympathy and understanding of a woman’s experience and hold space so she may safely tell her story without judgement or preconceived expectations. We will receive her story and feelings with care and honor her experience as deeply impactful.
  7. Non-harming. We refuse to push any woman beyond her level of comfort or ask any woman to reveal her story before she is ready to do so. We will always obtain permission – on all aspects involved – before discussing any woman’s personal story.